Igor Benek-Lins

Hi! I am Igor, a physicist passionate about software development and a libre software, GNU/Linux enthusiast. I have experience with scientific software development and I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. in physics, working with theoretical quantum many-body physics under the supervision of Dr Saurabh Maiti at Concordia University (Montréal, Canada).

As part of the QSciTech training programme, I have done an internship at Nanocademic Technologies, a company focused on quantum simulation tools.

On the research side, I study how quantum fluctuations in superconductors change their response to Raman spectroscopy probes. The goal is to identify and understand the features present in the response, associating them to properties of the electronic interaction that led to the superconducting state. In particular, I am modelling the response of s-wave superconductors to Raman spectroscopy experiments when there is a sub-leading d-wave interaction. Interested? I invite you to take a look at our most recent pre-print: arXiv:2311.13345.

Before getting into physics, I have worked as a GNU/Linux system administrator. When I am not doing research, I tinker with GNU/Linux systems and program, mostly in Python, using Evil Emacs (best of both worlds).